Our ambition: to reinvent waste collection and the circular economy

A team of experts to meet one of the greatest challenges of our time: closing the loop on the circular economy. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we can help waste management players improve the quality of their sorting processes.

Our history

Above all, it's a human and technological adventure.

Founded by Marjorie Darcet and Olivier Large, Lixo has rapidly established itself as Europe's leading and pioneering company in the analysis of waste flows during the collection phase.
Drawing on cutting-edge technology, a team of industry experts and a strong ambition to transform the waste management industry, Lixo has become a must-have solution for visualizing accurate and unique waste sorting data.

Lixo's ambitions are bold and clear: to extend the deployment of its solution to new countries, reinforce the robustness of its detections, develop functionalities aligned with market challenges and continue to register patents to guarantee the security of 100% French know-how.

The origin of Lixo technology:
Kraby, the first AI-equipped robot to pick up cigarette butts.

A decisive meeting:
Marjorie and Olivier decide to found Lixo to promote the circular economy.
The first deployment:
Lixo sensors are installed in a first sorting center in Brittany to monitor sorting quality.

A team adventure:
the first employees join the team on the IoT and artificial intelligence side.
Giving ourselves the means to achieve our ambitions:
first fund-raising of €3.5M to continue our R&D and recruit new talent.

Industrialization in sorting centers:
deployments intensify to analyze the quality of waste flows collected throughout France.

The beginnings of collection:
our technical team works on the portability of the solution on collection trucks.
Taking analysis a step further:
Lixo users are keen to connect data to their own tools, and the first interoperability projects are underway.

The team is growing:
in just a few months, we welcome 12 new employees to continue technical developments and step up marketing.

From sorting center to collection:
Lixo deploys its first sensors on collection trucks with the biggest players in waste collection.
A strategic turning point:
Lixo decides to focus its technical expertise on the crucial challenges of waste collection.

Industrialization is underway:
our sales team strengthens and organizes itself by deploying the first sensors internationally: UK, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland.

Developments accelerate:
multiple functionalities, such as API connection, nitrous oxide detection, voluntary drop-off points collection, heat zones are now operational.
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Our vision

Better sorting of waste to optimize recycling

At Lixo, our ambition is to revolutionize waste management by offering innovative and sustainable solutions for those involved in waste collection.

Our commitment to constant innovation, environmental responsibility and close collaboration with our partners and local authorities reinforces our shared goal of turning our waste into valuable resources and thus promoting the circular economy.

The Lixo team

Our experts can help you improve sorting quality

The Lixo team is made up of around twenty people, who work with collection operators on a daily basis to help them meet the challenges they face in improving sorting quality.

Marjorie Darcet


Olivier Large


François Lassarat

Head of Sales

Igor Rajzbaum

Head of Embedded Systems & IOT

Jérôme Ricouard

Operations Manager

Constance Cordier

Global Expansion Manager

Cédric Audouy

Full-stack Developer

Etienne Abadie

Data Science Manager

Etienne Juret

Marketing Manager

Gabriel Truong

Data Scientist

Loic Macherel

Data Engineer & Machine Learning Ops

Marc Bernard

Embedded Systems Engineer

Marine Kapala

Key Account Manager

Miles Chaillie

Mechatronics engineering apprentice

Paul Perusat

Product Designer

Pierre Giraud

Development Manager France


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Our partners

Since day one,
‍they have been with us

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Join an over-motivated team of experts in their fields: R&D, hardware, data science, product, and much more.

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Help reinvent the waste collection market by making Lixo the undisputed benchmark for all waste collection players.

Be part of a team where caring, transparency and good humor are essential.