All waste
All collections
One solution

Deploy Lixo to analyze your waste flows according to your different types of truck, for all types of rounds, for all modes of collection, with optimum detection performance.

Household waste analyzed

with all your tours

Once installed on your collection trucks, the Lixo solution automatically analyzes tour types. No configuration is required on your part, saving you precious time.

Residual household waste

With bin or bag collection, refuse rounds are analyzed to detect the presence of sorting errors.


Contaminants present in a round of recyclable waste are detected in real time.

Biowaste/green waste

Sorting errors are continuously identified and characterized during bio-waste rounds.

Adapted to your collection

Lixo is compatible with all collection methods

Available for all types of collection truck, the Lixo solution is perfectly capable of analyzing your waste flows according to your collection methods. The dashboards take into account your collection methods and adapt to your environment.

Door to door

for one or two seperate compartments, rear loading, side loading and front loading BOMs

Voluntary drop-off point

for underground,
, double or single-headed columns

Identified contaminants

‍ waste classes we detect

Our artificial intelligence algorithms make it possible to identify contaminants in your collection. All detections are fed back to your platform in real time to determine the level of contamination on your rounds.



Oversize cardboard



Green waste

Bulky goods


Nitrous oxide cylinders

PS expanded

Black bags

Transparent bags



Collection vehicles

Suitable for all models of refuse collection vehicle

The Lixo system interfaces perfectly with all types of waste collection trucks to minimize vehicle downtime during installation.

They use Lixo

Our customers say it best

Private and public collectors have implemented our technology and are spreading the word!

"Their adaptability in the field"

"The success of our collaboration with Lixo rests on four pillars: their ability to innovate, their adaptability to face challenges, the robustness of their solution and the quality of their customer care."

Stéphane Caplier

Sales Director, Hauts-de-France


"Lixo is the new revolution in waste collection".

Like GPS technology, Lixo is the new revolution in waste collection. It has become an essential tool for local authorities seeking to characterize collections in real time and obtain precise data.

Florence Blot

Door-to-door activity manager


"Industrialization is the next step in our partnership with Lixo".

SUEZ's use of Lixo is part of an approach to optimizing our customers' waste management performance, which includes monitoring sorting quality and supporting local authorities in their awareness-raising initiatives.

Carole Bloquet

Innovation Director


"No other system was capable of providing us with such precise data"

Lixo is extraordinary for analyzing waste collection within the Agglo Cannes Lérins. No other system was capable of providing us with such precise data on the number of bins collected and the collection points. This level of quality is also reflected in the follow-up offered by Lixo. It's rare for a service provider to have such support in the use of our data.

Paula Pisa

SAE Project Manager

Cannes Pays de Lérins Agglomeration Community

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François Lassarat

Lixo - Sales Director